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Ideas for Spring Looks

A few ideas for bringing some life back into your wardrobe for spring!

  • Shirts with fancy collars
  • Tough shapes in soft colors
  • Layered nail polish
  • Chatelaine Pins
  • Clutches with big details
  • Colorful skinny jeans

One of my favorite colors for spring is a subdued peachy coral - it’s just so light and pretty.  A big contrast to my other favorite colors for spring - NEON!  Neon ideas coming soon!

Low rise jeans, $57
Juicy couture bag, $98
Deborah Lippmann Boom Pow Nail Lacquer, $20
Sequin top
Dorothy perkin
Eureka, I Found It! Vintage Costume Jewelry - Unsigned Pins page 1

Half of society would disagree with this.

All of a Church would as well.

But honestly everyone should be aloud to love whoever they choose.

An just because you don’t float that way, doesn’t mean you have to be rude and call people “fags, gay, faggots, lesbos” or any other derogatory term.

People these days just need to learn some manners and get them selves in check.

Because you can love whoever ripens your peach.

That is all<3

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